Comvergent launches new turnkey solution to support the rapid growth of e-mobility

As e-mobility is gaining momentum, Comvergent, a leading UK supplier of field infrastructure services, launches a well-proven end-to-end solution to help accelerate the charging infrastructure deployment.

As e-mobility is gaining momentum, Comvergent, a leading UK supplier of field infrastructure services, launches a well-proven end-to-end solution to help accelerate the charging infrastructure deployment.

The 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars puts a tremendous pressure on the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. Car manufacturers have greatly improved their offering to customers and despite the global pandemic, 2020 saw the biggest annual increase in number of electric vehicle registrations, showing a growth of 66% on 20191. And with the announcement of all new UK homes legally requiring an electric charger, plus the recent fuel shortage, this increase will be sure to continue at a rapid pace.

In this context, the need for efficient and reliable charging infrastructure has become ever more critical, and field service providers will play a key role in their deployment. Their ability to cover a large territory, to scale up quickly and to ensure fast-response time will be crucial.

A unique turnkey solution that has proven its efficiency in continental Europe

Comvergent, the British arm of the Solutions 30 Group, is introducing the Group’s electric vehicle turnkey solution in the UK. Given that it can be difficult to find an efficient solution for charging vehicles at work, or out and about, Comvergent aim to offer an end-to-end OZEV accredited service, that is tailored to B2B/B2B2B customers.

Through this new launch, Comvergent aims to replicate the success of its mother company which encounters increasing success providing solutions to the likes of Total, Engie and Sowee EDF.

Paul Garston, Managing Director of Comvergent says ‘Thanks to our existing large teams of professional engineers and our technical and electrical knowledge, Comvergent are very well positioned to address the UK’s EVC infrastructure needs. We are excited to harness the expertise of our parent company to help accelerate the UK into one of the leading EVC regions within Europe.’

The company will be offering an end-to-end solution including survey, design, installation and maintenance – something that Solutions 30 have recognised is a must have for the market.

Stefan Meers, Group Program Director EV Charging at Solutions 30 explains; ‘The process of acquiring a charger for an electric vehicle can be a disjointed and unrefined one. Therefore, optimising this process is a must-have for our customers – which is why we offer a turnkey solution from start to finish – we take the hassle away.’

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About Comvergent
Comvergent is part of The Solutions 30 Group, providing infrastructure services to the telecoms and energy sectors across the UK.

Their in-house experts offer an end-to-end solution – from acquisition and design, through to build, maintenance and testing.

Founded in 2005, they have worked with clients including Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, BT and Three, to deliver some of the largest nationwide connectivity projects.

About Solutions 30
The Solutions 30 group is the European leader in solutions for new technologies. Its mission is to make the technological developments that are transforming our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. Yesterday, it was computers and the Internet. Today, it’s digital technology. Tomorrow, it will be technologies that make the world even more interconnected in real time.

With more than 30 million call-outs carried out since it was founded and a network of more than 15,700 local technicians, Solutions 30 currently covers all of France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Iberian Peninsula, the United Kingdom, and Poland. The share capital of Solutions 30 SE consists of 107,127,984 shares, equal to the number of theoretical votes that can be exercised.

Solutions 30 SE is listed on the Euronext Paris exchange (ISIN FR0013379484- code S30). Indexes: MSCI Europe Small Cap
| Tech40 | CAC PME | SBF 120 | CAC Mid 60. Visit our website for more information:


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