Comvergent Deliver Successful IPSec Migration Project

Network transformation
As part of a UK Mobile Operator’s network transformation to offer converged broadband grade services to its customers, our client was tasked with providing a new solution and associated services that would offer exceptional performance and scale.

The project would involve the migration of BTS nodes from legacy service router gateways onto a new solution for the MNO, providing them with the next generation of ultra-broadband mobile services with exceptional performance and scale.

A trusted partner
Due to our experience of successful migration projects and extensive product knowledge, our client turned to us for assistance with the project.

Work underway
Comvergent engineers performed night time migrations of circa 10,000 nodes from 18 separate security gateways and by using their unique scripts and processes, were able to complete the jobs quickly and efficiently.

We also provided the maintenance support for the project, dispatching engineers to remote sites to resolve any of the onsite issues identified during the remote night time integration activities. This involved providing countrywide field engineers to provide on-site support for recovering base stations.

Overcoming challenges
The migrations needed to take place on a live network, which required carefully planned outage times and rapid migrations to ensure that the service was restored quickly and to minimise disruption to the MNO’s customers.

A simplified solution

All base stations on the MNO network were migrated successfully onto the new IPsec gateway. This simplified the network and reduced the cost of operation, whilst also providing the technology to scale ultra-broadband mobile services with no performance deterioration on a single platform and software operating system.