Aquila and Comvergent Announce New Partnership Contract for MOD Air Traffic Management Programme

UK infrastructure service provider Comvergent has been awarded a new maintenance contract with end-to-end air traffic management (ATM) solutions provider, Aquila.

Aquila is leading delivery of Programme Marshall, a £1.5bn project to transform the military air traffic management capability at all Ministry of Defence (MOD) operated sites in the UK and overseas.

Comvergent will provide support for key components of Aquila’s solution and maintenance services on some of the new technology and facilities at Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army sites across the UK.

Comvergent will provide support for the new Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) and Wide Area Network (WAN) air surveillance technology being delivered by Aquila.

Comvergent has assisted Aquila with the WAM and WAN installation and maintenance since 2018 and will continue to provide Aquila and the MOD with maintenance support for the equipment as it is rolled out across UK sites.

Comvergent will also provide Aquila with cross-site fibre optic cabling and antenna support at MOD sites. The new requirements call upon Comvergent’s fault maintenance expertise and it will have a dedicated and experienced team for both in- and out-of-hours support.

Roy Barker, Commercial and Procurement Director at Aquila said:
“It’s vital that we have like-minded partners who are responsive and communicate well with us to deliver an excellent service to the Armed Forces. Our aim is to keep aircraft flying safely, as we transition to new equipment and support it going forward.”
“Comvergent is one such partner and I am delighted that Aquila has chosen to extend our excellent working relationship to provide specialist aspects of maintenance and support.”

Paul Garston, Managing Director, Comvergent, said:
“We’re excited to be awarded this new contract, especially because it is a direct reflection of the brilliant work that the Comvergent team have provided for Aquila to date – work that is integral to the MOD’s Programme Marshall, and that we are very proud to be part of.”


Notes to Editors
Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) employs multiple remote signals from across a wide area to build up an accurate picture of aerial activity for air traffic control. It helps to compensate for any terrain or other obstructions which may affect single radar surveillance. The signals are transmitted using microwave WAN connectivity. Together they enable air traffic controllers to apply more efficient separation standards for aircraft operating in airspaces.

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