5G IBS Solution for London Excel

Vendor Looks for In Building Solution to Support 5G Showcase at Mobile Broadband Forum

A global telecommunications vendor was looking to source a solution that would enable the annual event, Mobile Broadband Forum, to have the enhanced connectivity they required.

The event, which took place at The London Excel, would attract thousands of delegates for its 5G technology showcase, meaning that extensive 5G capacity and coverage for both the exhibitor and its delegates was required.

After putting the project to tender, the vendor turned to Comvergent to help enhance their macro coverage and provide a reliable 4G and 5G in building solution. As Comvergent had recently provided a successful In Building Solution at the vendor’s headquarters, the client was familiar with their high-quality delivery.

The Solution

Comvergent conducted a survey at the Excel to assess aspects such as active equipment and cable routing to inform their plan of works. They also performed a coverage walk test for each operator, looking at existing macro layers to create a heatmap for the customer.

Comvergent installed all equipment including BBUs, RRUs, RHUBs and PRRUs, as well as the fibre and Cat6 cabling required to connect the end-to-end system together.

They proved the backhaul transmission connectivity to the BBU, commissioned and integrated the equipment into the operator’s existing network, and tested the integrated solution, resolving any identified issues.

Once live and free from any service affecting alarms, Comvergent’s Integration Engineer performed static call testing throughout the venue to ensure the In Building Solution had the correct cell parameters and there was no cross cabling throughout the system.

Comvergent then walk tested the original route, using industry standard technology, to benchmark the deployed solution against previous levels captured, creating a Post Integration Report for the vendor, which would validate the coverage and throughput levels.


The build for the Mobile Broadband Forum was taking place in parallel to Comvergent’s activity, therefore they needed to work flexibly and out of hours to ensure that there was no disruption, and that all activity was complete prior to the show opening.


As a result of the project, the vendor benefited from a reliable and robust in building solution for showcasing their 5G services within the Excel. Enhanced coverage and capacity for their delegates offered an improved visitor experience and enabled more online interaction with The Mobile Broadband Forum.

After seeing the benefits of the project, Comvergent was asked to provide the same successful solution the following year, across a further two operator networks.

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