Moulton College Cultivates Student Technology Education with Extricom WLAN

Education with Extricom WLAN

System Will Allow for Wireless Mobility in Classrooms and the Field

Moulton College, a training institution for the Natural, Built and Recreational Environment industries in Moulton, Northamptonshire, UK, has completed deployment of a wireless LAN (WLAN) system from Extricom.

The WLAN was implemented by Comvergent, a Technology partner specializing in wireless services, to support mobile learning by students and staff at Moulton’s Holcot Centre, as well as portions of the College’s main site. As an overlay to its traditional vocational teaching, Moulton College is integrating sophisticated technology into its everyday lesson plans. The College has numerous buildings, 5,000 students, and a curriculum that incorporates classes in the field as well as the lecture hall, so implementing a campuswide wireless network was a priority.

A funding award from the Mobile Learning Network (MoLeNET) enabled Moulton to invest in mobile learning technologies, including a enterprise – class WLAN and a large number of mini – computers.

Extricom’s Channel Blanket™ architecture has become a byword in the wireless networking community for its simplicity, robustness, and multi-use nature, making it a natural choice for educational institutions. Densely deployed access points provide reliable, resilient network access and high performance for every user.

The Extricom switch coordinates the APs and eliminates the co-channel interference that reduces the performance of conventional WLAN systems. The system supports multiple blankets from the same physical infrastructure, essentially separate networks that can be dedicated to specific application types or end-user populations.

Extricom’s mobility characteristics were what made it a compelling solution for Moulton College:

“Continuous mobility from AP to AP is critical, especially in terms of real-time teaching in the field where handheld devices are replacing flapping bits of paper, for a more enriched learning experience. The WLAN had to support this right out of the box and it did. There are a lot of vendors that tout their solution’s ability to provide seamless mobility, but none performs up to the level of Extricom in our opinion.”

“Extricom WLAN is engineered to overcome the environmental challenges that can make deploying enterprise WLAN an exercise in frustration,” said Edu Meytal, Extricom’s executive VP of global sales. “These days, it’s not enough just to deploy wireless, you have to deploy wireless that can be guaranteed to perform well under load and under stress. Customers like Moulton College continually demonstrate how the Extricom system lives up to its billing in real-world conditions, no matter what it’s asked to do.”

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Service overview

  • Requirements
    • Wi-Fi system that is robust and reliable enough to provide full coverage inside and outside, campus wide
    • System to be fully manageable and scaleable


    • 68 dual channel AP 802.11a/b/g
    • 11 switch controllers


    • Reliable and robust network performance, with high capacity and full coverage
    • Cost-effective, fully deployed and managed by Comvergent
    • Build as you grow model supporting future applications and services