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Microwave installation and Commissioning Ericsson (MBNL – UK)

Ericsson, through their Network Managed Services business, take full responsibility for networks, including planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance. Since 2010, Comvergent has successfully undertaken the installation and commissioning of the Ericsson Minilink and Line of Sight services back to MBNL on both the T Mobile and 3 UK networks. In the early days, Comvergent was a “bit player” being given a small proportion of the works, however more recently (June 2013) Comvergent is positioned as the number 1 Approved Service Provider (ASP) to Ericsson.

“Outstanding end to end service – the best service providing ASP from start to finish on MBNL Minilink…”
(Ericsson  Governance Team)

Comvergent delivered all services to Ericsson through our directly employed multi-skilled field engineering workforce. In 3 years Comvergent has become established as the “best service providing ASP…”  to Ericsson over much larger, less agile businesses.

Portfolio of tasks

  • Ericsson Minilink Installation and commissioning
  • Card Swaps
  • Full link installs
  • Link capability upgrades
  • Line of Sight
  • Pre-staging
  • Decommissioning
  • Storage and Logistics


  • High quality installation and commissioning capability
  • Large multi skilled work force
  • Reliable Line of Sight capability
  • Robust Health and Safety system
  • Strong dedicated project delivery team

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microwave, installation, comvergent, agile, mobile, telecoms,
microwave, installation, comvergent, agile, mobile, telecoms