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Extensive Next Generation Networking (NGN) programme

In April 2010 Jersey Telecom launched its Next Generation Networking (NGN) programme. The purpose of  this  project was to replace the existing System X exchanges and Marconi Electronic Systems Multi-Service Access Nodes (MSANs) with the UTStarcom MSANs. This was delivered via an overlayed MSAN providing data and voice digitally to replace the legacy analogue equipment.

By October 2011 all telephone lines (with the exception of ISDN) were provided over the NGN.

On the 31 August  2012, the last System X switch was decommissioned when the final tranche of ISDN subscribers were transferred to the UT Starcom soft switch. This complex project was delivered by Comvergent in association with Jersey Telecom and comprised the installation of 40 MSAN’s within the central  exchange, 15 MSAN’s each at 4 outlying switches and 8 MSAN’ installed at all of the Islands outstations.

Comvergent assumed the role of Project Manager and operated as liaison between Jersey Telecom and the equipment vendor, UT Starcom, a Chinese company with a base in Dublin.

Portfolio of tasks

  • Organise and manage local logistics
  • Check and sort materials
  • Material picking and deployment
  • Chassis installation
  • Inter-rack cabling
  • DC Power installation
  • End of suite cabling
  • Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)
  • Cable all chassis (twisted pair circuits)

Activities undertaken

  • Installation of UTStarcom MSAN
  • 40 installs in Central Exchange
  • 15 installs in 4 outlying switches
  • 8 installs at outstations


  • Deployed 8 dedicated MSAN engineers
  • 18 month project
  • Comvergent project managed end to end
  • Comvergent liaison between customer and equipment vendor
  • Logistics management

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