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2G & 3G Network Availability Improvement

Mobile network managed service providers are faced with the demands of integrating multiple operator process and tool landscapes, transforming to deliver the business case whilst maintaining or improving levels of service delivery. This is set against a backdrop of continued capacity growth, technology evolution and ever increasing end user expectation. In light of these challenges an industry-leading managed service provider appointed Comvergent to review the network fault management end-to-end delivery process with the objective of defining a customer service improvement plan to achieve and maintain their customers’ network availability targets.


The remit for the Comvergent team was to review and challenge existing process to provide a platform for sustained improvement in 2G and 3G network availability. Together with the customer, Comvergent identified three main areas requiring improvement and set some key objectives:

  • To review the ‘as is’ problem management process, define and implement an optimised solution in order to improve root cause analysis.
  • To review the ‘as is’ incident management process then define and implement an optimised solution in order to improve mean time to repair.
  • To review first line network management processes to reduce field operations ‘truck roll’ and increase first-time-fix rate.
  • Implementing the solution

Comvergent deployed a team of consultants with vast mobile experience underpinned by ITIL service life cycle knowledge and implementation experience. The team was supported by a senior business analyst whose role was to define the metrics and quantify the reporting between what was being reported and actual network performance.

The team consulted with client stakeholders and reviewed the current processes for the individual teams and overall group. Recommendations and issues were logged and taken away for review in order to build a new best practice support model.

The project was made more complex as a result of the need to maintain stringent levels of service across multiple live customer networks during a period of change, to mitigate disruption to the current front office Radio Access Network support, a parallel front office support team was deployed by Comvergent to work remotely from the main body. This team trialled the support model defined in the consultancy phase and implemented the new processes developed following the consultation period. The parallel support process provided by Comvergent gave the customer stability during this complex change period whilst also delivering measurable service improvement during the period of engagement.

During the engagement, Comvergent analysts captured the on-going performance improvement activity and key milestones and mapped this I against the improvements in network availability to show “real world” improvements and measurable benefits of the process changes.

At the operational level, the Comvergent front office support team worked with our client to ensure that any open incident was driven through to resolution or until a root cause had been identified. This allowed Comvergent to improve diagnostic processes and provide our client with the knowledge transfer necessary to ensure they are well positioned in their capability to manage recurrent issues and continually improve MTTR and ultimately, network availability.

Technical challenges

Implementing any changes to an established process and organisation would prove a challenge. In addition to the on-going process of stakeholder management and communication provided by the Comvergent team, the decision was taken to create a pilot team to build trust and understanding of the benefits proposed by the Comvergent consultants. This new team piloted the ITIL-based process change and newly identified work practice instructions. This approach combined with the rigorous measurement and mapping of activity to benefit ensured comparisons could be made between the ‘as is’ process and the ‘to be’ provided by the Comvergent front office support team.

This approach not only ensured that client managers were able to quantify in a real world the benefits of the proposed changes but also ensured that the customer service improvement plan could be tried and tested without disrupting normal working processes.

The results

  • Sustainable increase 2G and 3G network availability across multiple customer networks
  • Reduction of tickets dispatched to field engineers through increased remote fixes
  • A reduction in dead cells across customer networks
  • A reduction in mean time to restore for incidents
  • Increased incidents being resolved within SLA
  • Identify commonality and create the high level and detailed level processes
  • Roll out of proactive processes, ensuring the documentation of all interfaces
  • Identified key single points of failure and ensure resilience
  • Developed full end-to-end problem management processes

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